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Government and Small to Large Organizations

We cater to all businesses and their Information technology needs. Our main focus and specialization, however, is in government sector. Our federal clients face day to day challenges, either it’s cybersecurity, meeting CISA and NIST standards, OMB mandates, responding to daily threats, oversee TIC/MTIPS or planning for IPv6 transition and Zero-Trust Architecture.

We can help to make sure, our government clients meet or exceed their security goals so they can fully focus on their business mission.

Cyber or Network Security

IT Security is an umbrella term for layered protection that protects your IT environment from internal and external threats. We help companies create and implement an IT security plan to protect your company’s IT environment, intellectual and financial assets.

CISA and NIST Standards

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program, Incident Response, EINSTEIN, Threat Hunting, or following NIST publication like 800-53. Securing Information technology assets can sometimes becomes challenging. Having an experienced partner on your side can make things better.

IPv6 transitioning

OMB mandate (M-21-07) deadlines for partial and/or full IPv6 transition is fast approching. Agencies needs to make sure that at least 20% of their assets are IPv6 enabled by FY2023; 50% by FY2024; 80% by FY2025 ——— NEED HELP?

TIC 3.0 | Zero Trust Architecture

Zero-trust and TIC 3.0 is fast becoming a relaity. Selecting the right solution for your organization is critical. Should you consider CASB? or Should you deploy TIC @ Equinix datacenters or in the cloud? How do you monitor and control BYOD or IoT devices or Shadow IT. With increased workforce mobility, decission to make the right choice could be crutial in success of your organization’s mission .

IT Security is what we love to do…

Internet is a hostile environment and it should be treated as such. You wouldn’t leave your front door open? Why should you leave your Internet without proper protection. Digital intruders enter from Internet side so they should also be met with digital defense.

– We look forward in helping our clients acheive their security goals –

Our Services

At Ascentia Technology, we believe in providing the best choice of optimal services through objective analysis of your requirements with the end goal of developing the right solution for your business. We offer the full complement of solutions from the enterprise-class datacenter, providing a diverse portfolio of skills to our customers. We have the deep skill-sets in enterprise solutions, covering wide range of Information Technology diciplines.

We understand today’s technological and business challenges and needs. We value our client’s requirements, we are dedicated and love what we do. We are driven to deliver unparallel services and strive to empower our clients with cutting edge technology, knowledge and solutions.

Cyber & Network Security

Data-loss protection, Firewalls, IPSec VPN, Traffic Interception and decryption to name a few.

Networking, Design and Implementation

LAN/WAN Architecture, Datacenter Setup, TIC Architecture, IPv6 planning and implementation.

High availability Solutions

Global Site Selectors, Load-balancing solutions, Cloud Computing, VMWare or Linux Clustering Solutions

Our Skills

We’ve skilled in wide range of systems and network security tools.

Fortigate, PaloAlto, Checkpoint, Stonegate, Proofpoint, Ironport, BIG-IP F5 LTM/GTM/ASM, UNIX, LINUX (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS), Infoblox, Bluecoat, ForeScout/CouterACT, Cortex XDR, Cloud Technologies (AWS, Azure) to name a few.

  • 01- Network & Firewall Design, Deployment and Support

  • 02- Data-loss Protection

  • 03- Traffic Interception and Decryption

  • 04- Perimeter Email Security and Support

  • 05- High-availability Solutions

  • 06- Systems Engineering -- Unix & Linux

  • 07- Cloud & Virtualization Technologies

  • 08- Endpoint Detection and Response

About Us

Ascentia Technology is a small disadvantaged business which provides IT services and solutions from small to large organizations. We specialize however in provding IT services to our federal Government. As a small and agile company we excel in providing innovative solutions which are customer focused and cost effective.

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